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Electric Bike Legislation

What is the legal situation with e-Bikes?

There is a lot of legislation on electric bikes and in the UK we are closely matched to the European legal framework that has strict guidelines when it comes to e-bikes. We have tried to answer some of the key questions here while avoiding the detailed legal info

How fast can an e-bike go?

We could say as fast as your legs can take you, however e-bikes are limited in their pedal assist capacity to 15.5 mph. If you go faster than this the motor will no longer assist you and you are under your own steam. 

Can an e-bike go faster than 15.5 mph?

There are electric bikes that travel faster than this but these are legally termed pedelecs. These have to be registered with the DVLA and you need to invest in a motorbike helmet and get them insured and have a valid MOT. You are also not allowed on cycle lanes and bridleways.

Does an e-bike have a throttle?

Electric bikes are allowed to have a throttle that is limited to 3.5 mph in the UK and is sometimes referred to as walk assist. The exception to this, is if the eBike is DVSA type approved and the throttle can then power the bike to 15.5 mph. This means our Wisper Electric Bikes are able to be ordered with a throttle as they have DVSA approval.

What motor does an e-bike have?

Electric bikes are limited to a 250W Motor , any faster than this you are only allowed on private land with the landowners permission

Where can I ride an e-bike?

Electric bikes are allowed to travel on the same routes as normal cycles. This includes normal roads, cycle lanes, bridleways, and permitted paths

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