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Electric Bike Motors

What Motors do Electric bikes use?

All the bikes we supply have a 250 watt motor, which corresponds to UK law and means you can legally ride your bike anywhere a pedal only bike can go, roads, cycle lanes, bridleways and permitted paths

Rear Hub Motor, Mid Motor or front Hub Motor?

We supply bikes with both rear hub and mid mounted motors and depending on how and where you want to ride the bike there are a number of considerations. Both have advantages and disadvantages and you are usually worth trying both to see what you prefer. Rear motors are a complete sealed unit, been around a long time and usually cheaper, but changing a tyre can be more difficult and they can put more pressure on rims and spokes. Mid drive motors are newer to the market and the  power can feel more integrated, but can wear out components such as chains more quickly.

Are all 250 Watt Motors the same?

Manufacturers such as Bosch will have a range of 250 Watt motors that can deliver more power to the rider, depending on which motor you use, so not all 25o Watt motors are the same.

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