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Folding e-Bikes

Folding eBikes give a practical solution to storing and transporting your electric bike. Ideal for apartments and houses where space is limited as well as numerous other uses including storage on motor homes or boats, these space saving bikes still offer a comfortable ride

Fitted with panniers, mudguards, disc brakes and lights these can be used also for commuting and just getting around town where you can conquer the hills with ease.



EOVOLT Afternoon 20" Onyx Black Folding eBike

The MiRiDER One is exceptionally versatile whether for the city commute, leisure rides or holidays. Perfect for a wide range of riders and abilities, this lightweight e-bike is easily portable and foldable. The single gear allows you to cycle on the flat or downhill with low assist,  however the powerful 250W motor can power you up hills with ease. An integral 250 Watt battery is able to give you around 12-15 miles assist in hilly environments, however we have achieved over 35 miles on normal undulating terrain or spinning along the seafront. 

estarli e20

A lightweight folding eBike with 20″ Wheels and a hidden battery in the seat post, that folds down in less than 10 seconds (with a little practice!).

It weighs just 17.5 Kg and has disc brakes and 7 speed Shimano gears to help you ride a wide range of environments

The e20 is for people who want to be mobile, stay active and even avoid public transport. Fold it up and take it away for the weekend or use it to explore your local surroundings like never before. It really is the eBike for everywhere and the beauty is, it doesn’t even look electric.

Victoria 7.1

victoria ebike

This folding electric bike comes with a mid motor Bosch Active Plus motor and 400Wh Battery.

It has 20′ wheels fitted with Schwalbe Tyres, a Selle Royal saddle, 8 speed nexus hub, disc brakes, as well as front and rear LED lights, full mudgaurds and a pannier rack. 

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