Urban e-Bikes

are fast becoming one of the most effective ways to transport not just yourself but your everyday items around town. Children, laptops, provisions and anything else you can think of can be carried without parking fees and fuel costs and help reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Together with the usual benefits of an electric bicycle, you can choose the effort you put into the ride. Whether you want a workout or want to arrive at work, meet with friends or a business meeting without breaking into a sweat, the choice is yours.

Lundi 27

This brand new one size e-bike from Moustache can fit anyone from 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 3 and has a range of integrated Bosch batteries and Bosch motors

MiRider Grey

Lundi 27

This folding bike from MiRider is a UK built bike that is fast, light and ideal for zipping around town